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Pink Name Age 2  =AREAS(PeopleLists)
Alan 18
Bob 17
Carol 20
Green Name Age
David 20
Eric 16
Fred 19
What Does It Do?          
This function tests a range to determine whether it is a single block of data, or whether
it is a multiple selection.
If it is a single block the result will be 1.
If it is a multiple block the result will be the number of ranges selected.
The function is designed to be used in macros.
The result will be shown as a number.
The example at the top of this page shows two ranges coloured pink and green.
These ranges have been given the name PeopleLists.
The =AREAS(PeopleLists) gives a result of 2 indicating that there are two separate
selections which form the PeopleLists range.
To name multiple ranges the CTRL key must be used.
In the above example the pink range was selected as normal, then the Ctrl key
was held down before selecting the green range.
When a Range Name is created it will consider both Pink and Green as being one range.


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