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Index Value Result
1 Alan  =CHOOSE(C4,"Alan","Bob","Carol")
3 Carol  =CHOOSE(C5,"Alan","Bob","Carol")
2 Bob  =CHOOSE(C6,"Alan","Bob","Carol")
3 18%  =CHOOSE(C7,10%,15%,18%)
1 10%  =CHOOSE(C8,10%,15%,18%)
2 15%  =CHOOSE(C9,10%,15%,18%)
What Does It Do?              
This function picks from a list of options based upon an Index value given to by the user.
 =CHOOSE(UserValue, Item1, Item2, Item3 through to Item29)
No special formatting is required.
The following table was used to calculate the medals for athletes taking part in a race.
The Time for each athlete is entered.
The =RANK() function calculates the finishing position of each athlete.
The =CHOOSE() then allocates the correct medal.
The =IF() has been used to filter out any positions above 3, as this would cause
the error of #VALUE to appear, due to the fact the =CHOOSE() has only three items in it.
Name Time Position Medal
Alan 1:30 2 Silver  =IF(D30<=3,CHOOSE(D30,"Gold","Silver","Bronze"),"unplaced")
Bob 1:15 4 unplaced  =IF(D31<=3,CHOOSE(D31,"Gold","Silver","Bronze"),"unplaced")
Carol 2:45 1 Gold  =IF(D32<=3,CHOOSE(D32,"Gold","Silver","Bronze"),"unplaced")
David 1:05 5 unplaced  =IF(D33<=3,CHOOSE(D33,"Gold","Silver","Bronze"),"unplaced")
Eric 1:20 3 Bronze  =IF(D34<=3,CHOOSE(D34,"Gold","Silver","Bronze"),"unplaced")


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