EXAM TIME TABLE 2018 -- +2 +1 10TH

Tamilnadu School Books Change for Academic Years


Academic year

2, 7, 10 & 12


3, 4, 5 & 8


STD - 1
STD - 2
STD - 3
STD - 4
STD - 5
STD - 6
STD - 7
STD - 8
STD - 9
STD - 10
STD - 11
STD - 12




  Let 's go by car. It's cheaper.              
  Don't go by train. It's more expensive.            
  cheaper and more expensive are comparative forms.      
  After comparative we use than :              
    It's cheaper to go by car than to go by train.      
    It's more expensive to go by train than to go by car.    
    We use  - er for the comparative of short adjectives    
    and adverbs                    
    cheap / cheaper      hard / harder      easy / easier    
    This jacket is too small. I need a larger size.      
    Ann works harder than most of her friends.      
    We prefer - er with some two - syllable adjectives,       
    especially adjectives ending in  - y for example:      
    lucky / luckier     funny / funnier   easy / easier      
    pretty / prettier   quiet / quieter   narrow / narrower    
    simple / simpler                  
    The examination is easier than we expected.      
    It's too noisy. Can we go somewhere quieter?      
    We use more ...  < Not er > for other two-syllable      
    adjectives and longer adjectives:            
    more modern         more serious      more expensive    
    more comfortable  more beautiful    more difficult     
    More expensive hotels are usually more comfortable   
    than cheaper ones.                
    Her illness is more serious than we first thought.    
    We also use more ... for adverbs that end in - ly.      
    more slowly      more seriously    more quietly      
    more carefully  more quickly            
    Could you speak more slowly, please?        
    We also say  more often :              
    I don't play tennis much now. I used to play       
    more often.                    
    We say earlier < not more early >            
    You are always tired in the morning. You should    
    go to bed earlier.                  
    Before the comparative of adjective and adverbs       
    you can use :                    
    a little bit , little bit , much  , much  , a lot , far      
    Let's go go by car. It's much cheaper.          
    Let's go by car. It's a lot cheaper.            
    Don't go by train. It's much more expensive.      
    Don't go by train. It's a lot more expensive.        
    Could you speak a little bit more slowly?        
    Could you speak a little  more slowly?          
    Her illness was far more serious than we thought.    


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