SO /  TOO is used for   Positive Sentece

For Example  :                  
    1. John is happy, so am I.          
    2. Hadi speaks English well, Manik does too.  
    3. Toni studied English yesterday, so did Rini.  
    4. I have visited Bali, she has too.      
    5. Dodik has finished SMP, I have too.      
    6. I have visited Jakarta, so has she.      
    7. Dodik can swim well, so did I.        
    8. I went to Bali last month, so did Tina.    
    9.  John is writing a letter, I am too.      
    10. She was late yesterday, so was Doni.    
EITHER / NEITHER is used for Negative Sentence.    
    1. John isn't happy, neither am I.        
    2. Hadi doesn't speak Italian, Manik doesn't either.
    3. Toni didn't study yesterday,neither did Rini.  
    4. I haven't visited Bali, she hasn't either.     
    5. Dodik hasn't finished SMP, I haven't either.  
    6. I haven't visited Jakarta, neither has she.    
    7. Dodik can't swim well, neither did I.      
    8. I didn't go to Bali last month, neither did Tina.
    9.  John isn't writing a letter, I amn't either.    
    10. She wasn't late yesterday, neither was Doni.  


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