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Pool Of Items Items In A Group Possible Groups
4 2 6  =COMBIN(C4,D4)
4 3 4  =COMBIN(C5,D5)
26 2 325  =COMBIN(C6,D6)
What Does It Do ?        
This function calculates the highest number of combinations available based upon
a fixed number of items.
The internal order of the combination does not matter, so AB is the  same as BA.
No special formatting is required.
Example 1        
This example calculates the possible number of pairs of letters available
from the four characters ABCD.
Total Characters Group Size Combinations
4 2 6  =COMBIN(C25,D25)
The proof ! The four letters : ABCD
Pair 1 AB
Pair 2 AC
Pair 3 AD
Pair 4 BC
Pair 5 BD
Pair 6 CD
Example 2        
A decorator is asked to design a colour scheme for a new office.
The decorator is given five colours to work with, but can only use three in any scheme.
How many colours schemes can be created ?
Available Colours Colours Per Scheme Totals Schemes
5 3 10  =COMBIN(C41,D41)
The colours
Scheme 1 Scheme 2 Scheme 3 Scheme 4 Scheme 5
Red Red Red Red Red
Green Green Green Blue Blue
Blue Yellow Black Yellow Black
Scheme 6 Scheme 7 Scheme 8 Scheme 9 Scheme 10
Green Green Green Blue ??????
Blue Blue Yellow Yellow
Yellow Black Black Black


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