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Table 1 Table 2
Month Avg Temp Air Cond
Jan 20 100 £2,000 £20,000
Feb 30 200 £1,000 £30,000
Mar 30 300 £5,000 £20,000
Apr 40 200 £1,000 £40,000
May 50 400 £8,000 £40,000
Jun 50 400 £1,000 £20,000
  Correlation 0.864 Correlation 28%
 =CORREL(D5:D10,E5:E10)  =CORREL(G5:G10,H5:H10)
What Does It Do ?              
This function examines two sets of data to determine the degree of relationship
between the two sets.
The result will be a decimal between 0 and 1.
The larger the result, the greater the correlation.
In Table 1 the Monthly temperature is compared against the Sales of air conditioning units.
The correlation shows that there is an 0.864 realtionship between the data.
In Table 2 the Cost of advertising has been compared to Sales.
It can be formatted as percentage % to show a more meaning full result.
The correlation shows that there is an 28% realtionship between the data.
The result will normally be shown in decimal format.


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