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Range To Test Blanks
1 2  =COUNTBLANK(C4:C11)
What Does It Do ?            
This function counts the number of blank cells in a range.
No special formatting is needed.
The following table was used by a company which was balloting its workers on whether
the company should have a no smoking policy.
Each of the departments in the various factories were questioned.
The response to the question could be Y or N.
As the results of the vote were collated they were entered in to the table.
The =COUNTBLANK() function has been used to calculate the number of departments which
have no yet registered a vote.
Admin Accounts Production Personnel
Factory 1 Y N    
Factory 2   Y Y N
Factory 3        
Factory 4 N   N N
Factory 5 Y   Y  
Factory 6 Y Y Y N
Factory 7   N Y  
Factory 8 N N Y Y
Factory 9     Y  
Factory 10 Y N   Y
  Votes not vet registered :  16  =COUNTBLANK(C32:F41)
  Votes for Yes :  14  =COUNTIF(C32:F41,"Y")
  Votes for No :  10  =COUNTIF(C32:F41,"N")


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