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Original Number Converted To Text
10 $10.00  =DOLLAR(C4)
10 $10  =DOLLAR(C5,0)
10 $10.0  =DOLLAR(C6,1)
10 $10.00  =DOLLAR(C7,2)
10.25 $10.25  =DOLLAR(C8)
10.25 $10  =DOLLAR(C9,0)
10.25 $10.3  =DOLLAR(C10,1)
10.25 $10.25  =DOLLAR(C11,2)
What Does It Do?            
This function converts a number into a piece of text formatted as currency.
 Number : This is the number which needs to be converted.
 DecimalPlaces : This is the amount of decimal places needed in the converted number.
No special formatting is needed.
The result will be shown as a text entry.


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