EVEN Function Dictionary

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Original Value Evenly Rounded
1 2  =EVEN(C4)
1.2 2  =EVEN(C5)
2.3 4  =EVEN(C6)
25 26  =EVEN(C7)
What Does It Do ?          
This function round a number up the  nearest even whole number.
No special formatting is needed.
The following table is used by a garage which repairs cars.
The garage is repairing a fleet of cars from three manufactures.
Each manufacturer uses a different type of windscreen wiper which are only supplied in pairs.
Table 1 was used to enter the number of wipers required for each type of car
and then show how many pairs need to be ordered.
Table 1
Car Wipers To Order Pairs to Order
Vauxhall 5 3  =EVEN(D28)/2
Ford 9 5  =EVEN(D29)/2
Peugeot 7 4  =EVEN(D30)/2


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