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Tamilnadu School Books Change for Academic Years


Academic year

2, 7, 10 & 12


3, 4, 5 & 8


STD - 1
STD - 2
STD - 3
STD - 4
STD - 5
STD - 6
STD - 7
STD - 8
STD - 9
STD - 10
STD - 11
STD - 12


EXACT Function Dictionary

Function Dictionary Function Examples Function Categories

Text1 Text2 Result
Hello Hello TRUE  =EXACT(C4,D4)
Hello hello FALSE  =EXACT(C5,D5)
Hello Goodbye FALSE  =EXACT(C6,D6)
What Does It Do?              
This function compares two items of text and determine whether they are exactly the same.
The case of the characters is taken into account, only words which are spelt the same and
which have upper and lower case characters in the same position will be considered as equal.
 Only two items of text can be compared.
If the two items of text are exactly the same the result of TRUE will be shown.
If there is any difference in the two items of text the result of FALSE will be shown.
Here is a simple password checking formula.
You need to guess the correct password.
The password is the name of a colour, either red blue or green.
The case of the password is important.
The =EXACT() function is used to check your guess.
    Guess the password :  red
    Is it correct :  No
(To stop you from cheating, the correct password has been entered as a series of =CHAR()
functions, which use the ANSI number of the characters rather than the character itself!)
Its still very easy though.


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