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Text Letter To Find Position Of Letter
Hello e 2  =FIND(D4,C4)
Hello H 1  =FIND(D5,C5)
Hello o 5  =FIND(D6,C6)
Alan Williams a 3  =FIND(D7,C7)
Alan Williams a 11  =FIND(D8,C8,6)
Alan Williams T #VALUE!  =FIND(D9,C9)
What Does It Do?        
This function looks for a specified letter inside another piece of text.
When the letter is found the position is shown as a number.
If the text contains more than one reference to the letter, the first occurrence is used.
An additional option can be used to start the search at a specific point in the text, thus
enabling the search to find duplicate occurrences of the letter.
If the letter is not found in the text, the result #VALUE is shown.
LetterToLookFor : This needs to be a single character.
TextToLookInside : This is the piece of text to be searched through.
StartPosition : This is optional, it specifies at which point in the text the search should begin.
No special formatting is needed, the result will be shown as a number.


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