FLOOR Function Dictionar

Function Dictionary Function Examples Function Categories

Number Rounded Down
1.5 1  =FLOOR(C4,1)
2.3 2  =FLOOR(C5,1)
2.9 2  =FLOOR(C6,1)
123 100  =FLOOR(C7,50)
145 100  =FLOOR(C8,50)
175 150  =FLOOR(C9,50)
What Does It Do ?          
This function rounds a value down to the nearest multiple specified by the user.
No special formatting is needed.
The following table was used to calculate commission for members of a sales team.
Commission is only paid for every £1000 of sales.
The =FLOOR() function has been used to round down the Actual Sales to the
nearest 1000, which is then used as the basis for Commission.
Name Actual Sales Relevant Sales Commission
Alan £23,500 £23,000 £230
Bob £56,890 £56,000 £560
Carol £18,125 £18,000 £180


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