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Jan Feb Mar
North £5,000 £6,000 £4,500
South £5,800 £7,000 £3,000
East £3,500 £2,000 £10,000
West £12,000 £4,000 £6,000
    Sales £4,000 and below. £4,000 4  {=FREQUENCY(D4:F7,E9:E11)}
    Sales above £4,000 up to £6,000  £6,000 5  {=FREQUENCY(D4:F7,E9:E11)}
    Sales above £6,000  £999,999 3  {=FREQUENCY(D4:F7,E9:E11)}
What Does It Do ?            
This function compares a range of data against a list of intervals.
The result shows how many items in the range of data fall between the intervals.
The function is entered in the cells as an array, that is why it is enclosed in { } braces.
No special formatting is needed.
Example 1              
The following tables were used to record the weight of a group of children.
The =FREQUENCY() function was then used to calculate the number of children whose
weights fell between specified intervals.
Weight Kg       Number Of Children:
Child 1 20.47       Between 0 - 15 Kg 2
Child 2 22.83       Above 15 but less than or equal to 20 Kg 4
Child 3 15.74       Above 20 Kg 3
Child 4 10.80  {=FREQUENCY(C30:C38,C41:C43)}
Child 5 8.28  {=FREQUENCY(C30:C38,C41:C43)}
Child 6 20.66  {=FREQUENCY(C30:C38,C41:C43)}
Child 7 17.36
Child 8 16.67
Child 9 18.01
  Kg Weight Intervals
Example 2              
This example uses characters instead of values.
A restaurant has asked 40 customers for their rating of the food in the restaurant.
The ratings were entered into a table as a single letter, E, V, A, P or D.
The manager now wants to calculate how many responses fell into each category.
Unfortunately, the =FREQUENCY() function ignores text entries, so how can the frequency
of text be calculated?
The answer is to use the =CODE() and =UPPER() functions.
The =UPPER() forces all the text entries to be considered as capital letters.
The =CODE() function calculates the unique ANSI code for each character.
As this code is a numeric value, the =FREQUENCY() function can then be used!
Rating Frequency
Excellent E 6   {=FREQUENCY(CODE(UPPER(B67:I71)),CODE(UPPER(C60:C64)))}
Very Good V 8   {=FREQUENCY(CODE(UPPER(B67:I71)),CODE(UPPER(C60:C64)))}
Average A 9   {=FREQUENCY(CODE(UPPER(B67:I71)),CODE(UPPER(C60:C64)))}
Poor P 8   {=FREQUENCY(CODE(UPPER(B67:I71)),CODE(UPPER(C60:C64)))}
Disgusting D 9   {=FREQUENCY(CODE(UPPER(B67:I71)),CODE(UPPER(C60:C64)))}
Customer Ratings
V D V A p A D D
V P a D A P V d
A V E P p E D A
A E d V D P a E
V e P P A V E D


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