EXAM TIME TABLE 2018 -- +2 +1 10TH

Tamilnadu School Books Change for Academic Years


Academic year

2, 7, 10 & 12


3, 4, 5 & 8


STD - 1
STD - 2
STD - 3
STD - 4
STD - 5
STD - 6
STD - 7
STD - 8
STD - 9
STD - 10
STD - 11
STD - 12


INDIRECT Function Dictionary

Function Dictionary Function Examples Function Categories

Jan Feb Mar
North 10 20 30
South 40 50 60
East 70 80 90
West 100 110 120
          Type address of any of the cells in the above table, such as G6 :  G6
      The value in the cell you typed is :  80  =INDIRECT(H9)
What Does It Do ?              
This function converts a plain piece of text which looks like a cell address into a usable
cell reference.
The address can be either on the same worksheet or on a different worksheet.
No special formatting is needed.
Example 1              
This example shows how data can be picked form other worksheets by using
the worksheet name and a cell address.
The example uses three other worksheets named NORTH, SOUTH and EAST.
The data on these three sheets is laid out in the same cells on each sheet.
When a reference to a sheet is made the exclamation symbol ! needs to be placed
between the sheet name and cell address acting as punctuation.
        Type the name of the sheet, such as North :  North
        Type the cell to pick data from, such as C8 :  C8
        The contents of the cell C8 on North is :  120  =INDIRECT(G33&"!"&G34)
The =INDIRECT() created a reference to =NORTH!C8
Example 2              
This example uses the same data as above, but this time the =SUM() function is
used to calculate a total from a range of cells.
        Type the name of the sheet, such as South :  South
        Type the start cell of the range, such as C5 :  C5
        Type the end cell of the range, such as C7 :  C7
        The sum of the range C5:C7 on South is :  1200
The =INDIRECT() created a reference to =SUM(SOUTH!C5:C7)


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