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System Information
Current directory C:\Users\ram\Documents\  =INFO("directory")
Available bytes of memory #N/A  =INFO("memavail")
Memory in use #N/A  =INFO("memused")
Total bytes of memory #N/A  =INFO("totmem")
Number of active worksheets                                  182  =INFO("numfile")
Cell currently in the top left of the window $A:$A$1  =INFO("origin")
Operating system Windows (32-bit) NT 6.01  =INFO("osversion")
Recalculation mode Automatic  =INFO("recalc")
Excel version 12.0  =INFO("release")
Name of system. (PC or Mac) pcdos  =INFO("system")
What Does It Do?      
This function provides information about the operating environment of the computer.
   text : This is the name of the item you require information about.
The results will be shown as text or a number depending upon what was requested.


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