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Number Minute
2/24/2016 23:04 4  =MINUTE(D4)
9:15:00 PM 15  =MINUTE(D5)
0.02 28  =MINUTE(D6)
0.52 28  =MINUTE(D7)
1.52 28  =MINUTE(D8)
What Does It Do?            
The function will show the minute of the hour based upon a time or a number.
Only the fraction part of the number is used as it is this which relates to time of day.
The result will be shown as a normal number between 0 and 59.
The =REPT() function has been used to make a digital display for the current time.
The time functions of =HOUR(), =MINUTE() and =SECOND() have been used in conjunction
with the =NOW() as the basis for the number of repeats.
To update the clock press the function key F9.
Hour   ||||||||||||||||||||||| 23
Minute   |||| 04
Second   ||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| 51
 =REPT("|",HOUR(NOW()))&" "&TEXT(HOUR(NOW()),"00")
 =REPT("|",MINUTE(NOW()))&" "&TEXT(MINUTE(NOW()),"00")
 =REPT("|",SECOND(NOW()))&" "&TEXT(SECOND(NOW()),"00")
Related Information            
To convert a time in hh:mm format to decimal format.
    Enter a time in hh:mm format :  2:45
    The same time converted to a decimal :  2.75  =F38*24
    To extract the hours as a decimal :  2  =INT(F38*24)
    To extract the minutes as a decimal :  0.75  =MOD(F38*24,1)
To convert a time in decimal format to hh:mm format.
    Enter a time in decimal format :  3.75
    The same time converted to hh:mm format is :  3:45  =F49/24
    To extract the hours in hh:mm format : 3:00  =INT(F49)/24
    To extract the minutes in hh:mm format :  0:45  =MOD(F49,1)/24
The three formula above have also been formatted as hh:mm using
the Format, Cells, Number, Time command.


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