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Tamilnadu School Books Change for Academic Years


Academic year

2, 7, 10 & 12


3, 4, 5 & 8


STD - 1
STD - 2
STD - 3
STD - 4
STD - 5
STD - 6
STD - 7
STD - 8
STD - 9
STD - 10
STD - 11
STD - 12


NA Function Dictionary

Function Dictionary Function Examples Function Categories

#N/A  =NA()
Value Test
10 11  =IF(ISBLANK(C6),NA(),C6+1)
  #N/A  =IF(ISBLANK(C7),NA(),C7+1)
30 31  =IF(ISBLANK(C8),NA(),C8+1)
North 100
South #N/A  =NA()
East #N/A  =NA()
West 200
Total #N/A  =SUM(D11:D14)
What Does It Do ?            
This function is a place marker used to indicate that required information is Not Available.
It can be type directly in to a cell as =NA() or it can be used as part of a calculation.
When the =NA() is used, any calculations which depend upon the cell will also show #NA.
It is used to indicate that all the data has not yet been entered in to the spreadsheet.
No special formatting is required.
The following table was used by a company to calculate the monthly Wage of an employee.
The Salary and Tax percentage are entered.
The Tax is then deducted from the Salary to calculate the Wage.
Table 1 shows that when the Tax is not entered, the Wage is still calculated.
On a large spreadsheet this may go unnoticed and the wrong Wage paid.
Table 1
Salary Tax % Pay
Alan 1000 25% 750  =C39-C39*D39
Bob 1000   1000  =C40-C40*D40
Carol 1000 20% 800  =C41-C41*D41
Table 2 shows how the =NA() has been inserted in the unknown Tax to act as a
reminder that the Tax still needs to be entered.
Table 2
Salary Tax % Pay
Alan 1000 25% 750  =C49-C49*D49
Bob 1000 #N/A #N/A  =C50-C50*D50
Carol 1000 20% 800  =C51-C51*D51


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