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Pool Of Items Items In A Group Permutations
4 2 12  =PERMUT(C4,D4)
4 3 24  =PERMUT(C5,D5)
10 4 5040  =PERMUT(C6,D6)
26 6 165,765,600  =PERMUT(C7,D7)
What Does It Do ?          
This function calculates the maximum number of permutations given a fixed number of items.
The internal order is significant, so AB and BA will be considered as two possible permutations.
It could be used to calculate the possible number of 4 digit passwords from the digits 0 to 9.
No special formatting is needed.
The following table was used to calculate the total number of 8 letter passwords which can
be created by using all 26 letters of the alphabet.
Letter In Alphabet 26
Password Size 8
Permutations 62,990,928,000
In the case of a two letter password made from the letter A, B, C and D, the following
twelve permutations would be possible.
Password 1 AB Password 7 BA
Password 2 AC Password 8 CA
Password 3 AD Password 9 DA
Password 4 BC Password 10 CB
Password 5 BD Password 11 DB
Password 6 CD Password 12 DC


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