RANK Function Dictionary

Function Dictionary Function Examples Function Categories
Values Ranking Position
High to Low
7 4  =RANK(C4,C4:C8)
4 5  =RANK(C5,C4:C8)
25 1  =RANK(C6,C4:C8)
8 3  =RANK(C7,C4:C8)
16 2  =RANK(C8,C4:C8)
Values Ranking Position
Low to High
7 2  =RANK(C11,C11:C15,1)
4 1  =RANK(C12,C11:C15,1)
25 5  =RANK(C13,C11:C15,1)
8 3  =RANK(C14,C11:C15,1)
16 4  =RANK(C15,C11:C15,1)
Values Ranking Position
High to Low
10 5  =RANK(C18,C18:C22)
30 2  =RANK(C19,C18:C22)
20 4  =RANK(C20,C18:C22)
30 2  =RANK(C21,C18:C22)
40 1  =RANK(C22,C18:C22)
What Does It Do ?            
This function calculates the position of a value in a list relative to the other values in the list.
A typical usage would be to rank the times of athletes in a race to find the winner.
The ranking can be done on an ascending (low to high) or descending (high to low) basis.
If there are duplicate values in the list, they will be assigned the same rank. Subsequent ranks
would not follow on sequentially, but would take into account the fact that there were duplicates.
If the numbers 30, 20, 20 and 10 were ranked, 30 is ranked as 1, both 20's are ranked as 2, and
the 10 would be ranked as 4.
Value Rank
30 1  =RANK(B34,B34:B37)
20 2  =RANK(B35,B34:B37)
20 2  =RANK(B36,B34:B37)
10 4  =RANK(B37,B34:B37)
The RankOrder can be 0 zero or 1.
Using 0 will rank larger numbers at the top. (This is optional, leaving it out has the same effect).
Using 1 will rank small numbers at the top.
No special formatting is needed.
The following table was used to record the times for athletes competing in a race.
The =RANK() function was then used to find their race positions based upon the finishing times.
Athlete Time Race Position
John 1:30 4  =RANK(C53,C53:C58,1)
Alan 1:45 6  =RANK(C54,C53:C58,1)
David 1:02 1  =RANK(C55,C53:C58,1)
Brian 1:36 5  =RANK(C56,C53:C58,1)
Sue 1:27 3  =RANK(C57,C53:C58,1)
Alex 1:03 2  =RANK(C58,C53:C58,1)


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