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Values Lowest Value 100  =SMALL(C4:C8,1)
120 2nd Lowest Value 120  =SMALL(C4:C8,2)
800 3rd Lowest Value 120  =SMALL(C4:C8,3)
100 4th Lowest Value 250  =SMALL(C4:C8,4)
120 5th Lowest Value 800  =SMALL(C4:C8,5)
What Does It Do ?            
This function examines a list of values and picks the value at a user specified position
in the list.
No special formatting is needed.
The following table was used to calculate the bottom 3 sales figures between Jan, Feb and Mar.
Sales Jan Feb Mar
North £5,000 £6,000 £4,500
South £5,800 £7,000 £3,000
East £3,500 £2,000 £10,000
West £12,000 £4,000 £6,000
  Lowest Value £2,000  =SMALL(D24:F27,1)
  2nd Lowest Value £3,000  =SMALL(D24:F27,2)
  3rd Lowest Value £3,500  =SMALL(D24:F27,3)
Another way to find the Highest and Lowest values would have been to use
the =MAX() and =MIN() functions.
Highest £12,000  =MAX(D24:F27)
Lowest £2,000  =MIN(D24:F27)


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